Lorene Group is a leading recycler of noble and precious metals. It has been operating since 1997, and led by a group with over 30 years of experience in the precious metals industry.

The company collects and buys disposed materials, analyze and process the substances in order to separate, purify and verify the quality of metals contained in the scraps of the following areas: automotive catalytic converters ,digital components, telephony, electronics, and industrial sectors (for stainless steel and other alloys).

Mission and Values

our mission

LoreneLs mission is contributing to avoid environmental degradation and improve the societyLs life quality, and, at the same time, try to guarantee the satisfaction and success of its clients, collaborators, suppliers, partners and shareholders.


Our objective is to reach a leadership position in the segment involving of recycling, processing and sales of noble and precious metals. In order to achieve this goal, Lorene is focused on the offer of tailored products and services, delivered on time and according to the internationally required levels of excellence and quality.


Lorene operates according to high values that lead and guide all its initiatives; i.e., the sense of ethics, respect to human beings and to the environment, truthful transparent actions, as well as responsibility, creativity, innovation, citizenship, and the focus on sustainable growth.


Lorene's activities boast international certification, which confirms the company's environmentally friendly approach. The companyLs activity, per se, contributes to reduce the damages to the planet, and therefore, it is essential to the construction of a better future for the next generations. guarantee Lorene Group's Head Office is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with branches in Rio de Janeiro, USA (New York), Japan (Tokyo), Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Israel. the world map with Lorene subsidiaries

LORENE Sampling System and Lab: State-of-art analysis
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